4 Signs Your Partner is Pulling Away

Has your partner’s recent behavior or actions, concern you? Do you feel distance, tension or coldness has slowly been creeping into your relationship?

Does your significant other exhibit any or all of the following:

  1. Constantly Irritated: Have you found that lately your lover appears to be constantly irritated at you? It’s as if no matter what you do, they are never pleased. You may even notice that they are pleasant and happy with others and their demeanor completely changes when you’re around.
  2. Decreased Sexual Intimacy: A key indicator that something may be awry in your relationship is a noticeable decrease in sexual activity. There can be many factors that can play into this, so don’t assume the worst.
  3. Changes in Behavior: If you’ve been seeing this individual for sometime now, chances are you recognize their normal behavior. Has your normally attentive and sweet mate become kurt and harsh. Remember that people treat us the way we allow them to. If you’ve grown uncomfortable or become hurt by this behavior then it is up to you to set the tone that you will not tolerate being treated any less than you feel you deserve. Make sure your are absolutely, positively in love with yourself. It’s the best way to know how you want to be loved by others.
  4. Never Enough Time: Does it appear as though your significant other just doesn’t have the time for you? You may even feel that they deliberately pack their schedule to avoid spending time with you. It’s been to assess the situation objectively before making a conclusion. Many external factors can impact your relationship. You just have to determine what is most important to you!

If your lover has been exhibiting these behaviors this may have you worried that this relationship may be coming to an end? But before you jump to any conclusions, let’s take a step back!

First and foremost, it’s completely natural for relationships to have their bumps.

You and your significant other may not always be in sync, and that’s ok. If your relationship is new, then you are most likely still learning your mate’s personality and how to handle it. If your relationship is mature, you most likely will recognize when your partner is under stress or facing a new challenge! Either way it’s important to get to the root of the issue before assuming the relationship is coming to an end.

Be sure to address the issue sooner rather than later. Bring awareness to how you and your mate handle the issue. Does your partner appear open and willing to address the issue? Are you open to hearing what your partner has to say or are you avoiding the issue like the plague? Recognize that avoidance will merely prolong the pain. It, unfortunately, does not afford you the opportunity to respond, learn or grow within your relationship.

The best advice is to face the issue.

Take the time to sit with your partner and discuss your concerns. Avoid using phrases that place blame on your partner.

  • Begin sentences with phrases like “I thought…” Remind your lover of all of the reasons why you love and appreciate them.
  • State your willingness to openly talk and reach a resolution.
  • Take the time to develop a plan to reconnect with one another.

If after all of this you don’t desire or your mate doesn’t appear to want to strengthen the relationship then cut your loses and move on. Avoiding the end of a relationship is never beneficial for either person, so even though the thought of being alone may frighten you, I would hope that your fear of missing out on true love would be greater!

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