6 Daily Habits To Boost Your Self-Confidence

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If you had the unshakable confidence to go out and achieve whatever you wanted, how would your life change? One of the biggest things I’ve identified as a relationship coach is that people don’t get the results they want in life because they lack self-confidence.

Once you gain confidence, two main things will happen.

One, people will be attracted to you because people are attracted to those who exude poise and confidence. And two, you will no longer second-guess, doubt or worry about things as much. Confidence is a state of certainty about something. So, when you have total self-confidence you’re certain in yourself, your ideas, your beliefs and who you are. Today, I want to share with you 6 habits to implement that will boost self-confidence.

Habit 1: Practice Power Posing
Power posing is based on scientific research by Harvard Business School professor, Amy Cuddy. The idea is that a person can embody power with simple poses held for two minutes a day. The change in posture changes your body’s chemistry, which affects how you interact with people and do your job. One power pose includes you standing with feet spread apart and arms on your hips flared out like a cobra. See more here.

Habit 2: Move Your Body
Another way to boost self-confidence is to boost your body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins stimulate good feelings and happiness which is key to feeling self-confident. Endorphin boosting activities include running, exercise, walking and sex.

Habit 3: Take Time to Feed Your Mind…Read
Another secret weapon to boosting confidence is to read more. Have you ever been in a room where everyone seemed to know what they were talking about and you had very little to add? By reading more, you not only enrich your vocabulary, but you also have topics to add to conversations.

Habit 4: Practice Kindness
A simple way of boosting your confidence is to help others. Whether it’s a small act or large one, helping someone else through kind acts is a major way of growing self-confidence. Often times, people carry so much guilt that it’s hard to feel confident. By demonstrating kindness, you prove to yourself that you are a good person.

Habit 5: 60 Second Power Boost
Before you’re getting ready to head into a situation that would normally make you nervous such as a meeting, presentation or difficult conversation, try this trick. It’s an instant practice that will help you gain confidence in any situation. It involves you first sitting in a position as if you were sad. Next, stand up and shake your body out. Then, stand tall with your head up high and with a confident expression on your face. It’s similar to the power pose and changes your confidence from the outside in. See more here.

Habit 6: Power Beliefs
Some people call it mantras, but if you say these every day, you’ll start to change your beliefs. Some power beliefs include, “My presence in and of itself makes a difference in the world” or “My ideas are valuable.” There are several variations you can create with these, but infusing these beliefs into your mind will change your confidence from the inside out.

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