8 Ways To Spot An Online Dating Scam

Ever suspected someone you met online was trying to scam you?

Getting scammed online is a big fear. And normally when we think about it, we picture either a crazed killer or someone trying to rip us off.

But not everyone falls into one of these extremes and not everyone looks suspicious at first.

According to research by Cybersleuth Investigations Inc., online scams are on the rise and often times the scam artist can come across 10Xs as normal as you.

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Featured On Dating Advice: Michelle G. Helps Build Loving & Lasting Relationships

We’re so excited to announce that one of the most popular and leading dating blogs, Dating Advice, has featured us! The interview talks about my journey in going from U.S. Marine to Certified Matchmaker and Dating Coach. 

The road to success always has a few surprising twists and turns, and in this feature you’ll see how my life’s journey landed me on unexpected paths. 

Check out the feature HERE.

How To Really Win In The Dating Game

How many times have you been on a date, told your friends about it and they immediately laid out the “ground rules” for you?  They may have said something like, “Don’t call him first,” or, “If 48 hours pass and you don’t hear back, send a text and say hi,” or any other nonsense like that?

Shouldn’t dating be as simple as knowing what you want and then going after it? 

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No More Dinner & A Movie! 4 Ideas For An Unforgettable 1st Date

Going out on a first date should be a fun and enjoyable experience. But rarely do we get that. Instead, we head into every first date skeptical from the jump with a list of questions that does very little to break the ice.

“What do you do? How long have you lived here? What happened to your last relationship?” This is probably one of the worst ways to get to know someone because it ends up being more like a 1st round job interview than a first date.

One of the biggest problems I see is that most first dates are cliché with a boring set up.

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3 Dating Profile Poses That’ll Have A Tantalizing Effect On Men


This is important. Like opening the stable gates to most eligible bachelors important.

I’m about to give you subtle poses for you to use in your dating profile pictures that’ll send a strong message to your ideal prospects. Don’t underestimate how powerful these body cues are. It’s long been noted, that body language speaks to the world before you ever utter a word. From the redness of your lips, to the height of your heels, you can use every inch of your body to send a silent message that says, “I’m available.”

Not only can you use these body language cues in your online photos, but you can use them when you’re out in social settings where you’d like to catch a guy’s attention.

Ready? Here we go!

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    This isn’t for the client who’s not ready to commit. If you’re under this package, you’re in an exclusive position of being among the only clientele who receives a customized dating strategy and execution plan from the Love Scientist herself.

    You’ll receive everything offered in the Be Noticed package, plus:

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    With the Total Dating Concierge package, you can expect love to be knocking on your door steps in no time. Just as in the The Starter and Be Noticed package, Total Dating Concierge clients are thoroughly pleased because of the powerful change it has on their love life.

  • The Starter

    The Starter package is designed for clients who enjoy the thrill of hunting for love themselves. They’ve got the energy to search and converse on their own, but want an exceptional profile to help them stand out. Likely, this is someone who’s entering the online dating world for the first time and wants to experience what it’s all about. Or, this may be someone who just wants to test the waters first before going all in.

    With The Starter, you’ll receive an intimate 60-minute love strategy session via phone where we evaluate where you are now vs. where you want to be. This is to ensure you have the most successful dating experiences possible on your own. Imagine… waking up knowing you have control over the kind of online dating experiences you’re going to have. With the Starter, that can happen. In addition to your love strategy session, you get a 60-minute style session where you discover how to represent yourself online in the best way possible. Plus, with the Personalized Dating Map and Personalized online dating site selection, you’ll have the perfect blue print to go after your dating goals confidently. If you decide on this package, you’ll be pleased with:

    • A polished digital presence
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    The Starter is delivered via phone and online video where you’ll have opportunities to ask questions and receive golden advice from the experts.

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    This package is designed for clients who are ready to pick up the pace in their dating life. You’re at a place where you’re seriously ready to settle down and possibly even get married. The dating scene (both online and offline) has gotten old to you and all you want to do now is share your time, energy and joy with someone else. Since you haven’t made it happen on your own yet, you need a deliberate, systematic, and intuitive approach to make it happen.

    With our Be Noticed package, you get everything that you’d get in The Starter package plus more personalized coaching along with a crystal clear plan of action. With the personalized coaching, you’ll have someone in your corner to help you navigate the dating site you’re on. Your coach will show you what to look for in profiles, types of questions to ask, and how to *really* read online communications.

    This is a more hands-on, personalized level established for clients who are ready to find the love of their dreams. Your clear action plan will include:

    • Strategies on how to expand your reach both online and offline
    • A personalized Dating card to make you stand out from the masses
    • Support from our experts when you need it

    You will receive eye-opening advice on what’s most crucial in your love life right now from the Love Scientist herself, Michelle. Her “no nonsense” feedback will help you to know exactly what to do next in order to successfully find love. The best part is you’ll be kept on track to complete the steps via your month long coaching sessions.