How Smart Women Weed Out The Jerks

We’ve all been attracted to “that guy” once or twice before… maybe more than twice.

You swore you wouldn’t do it again.

But, perhaps, you fell into the trap once again and you’re now fed up with your own wavering… it’s time for solid advice on how to shift to finding Mr. Right more often.

Don’t worry we’ve all been there before, and I’m here for you!

While many believe that finding love is all about luck or chance, the truth is far more complex.

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How To Attract A Meaningful Relationship In The New Year

As soon as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st to ring in the New Year, you can immediately feel a breeze of fresh air washing away the old and bringing in new opportunities for everyone.

At some point during (or right after) the week of the New Year celebrations, you’d most likely take some time to evaluate your accomplishments in relation to where you think you should be in the areas of health, wealth, love, spirituality, career, social, family and personal growth. 

This is the perfect time to cast a new vision for your life and create a plan to reach your goals in the New Year.

Get out of the New Year’s resolution trap…

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Holiday Dating Guide For People In Relationships

Are you dating someone new? 

Have you been dating for a while, but the two of you aren’t exclusive (yet)?

Or, are you now dating exclusively and looking for the edge?

Relationships get tricky during the holidays, so we prepared this Holiday Guide to help you navigate the whitewater rapids of love and arrive at your destination with yourself inside the canoe, paddle intact and hair dry!

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What NOT To Do When Seeing Someone New

Ever heard of the phrase, “first comes love, then comes marriage”?

If only this thing we call love was that easy 😆

The truth is that before anything happens, attraction comes first.

Attraction is the “butterflies” phase of your new adventure. It’s where your palms get sweaty, your pupils dilate and your heart races every time you’re around that person (or think about them).

The attraction phase is exciting, and according to neuroscience, we pass it once we start moving into the next level – the dating phase.

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Holiday Survival Guide For Singles

Keeping your spirits bright during the holiday season when you’re single isn’t always easy. Whether you’re going through a recent breakup or have been single “forever”, not having a partner this time of year brings up feelings of loneliness and (possibly) even bitterness.

It doesn’t help either when loved ones ask you questions like, “when are you going to settle down?” or, “why are you still single?” 😡. These questions might trigger you to want the Holiday season to be over yesterday, but take heart… don’t let their expectations make you feel down.

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Is Sex Ever Okay On The 1st Date?

I dare you to be totally honest with yourself about this question…

Is sex ever okay on the 1st date?

Opinions abound on this topic. On one hand, there’s the belief that he should “work for it” (or that we should “hold out”) because it’s important to ensure he’s serious about us and that the relationship is going somewhere.

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8 Ways To Spot An Online Dating Scam

Ever suspected someone you met online was trying to scam you?

Getting scammed online is a big fear. And normally when we think about it, we picture either a crazed killer or someone trying to rip us off.

But not everyone falls into one of these extremes and not everyone looks suspicious at first.

According to research by Cybersleuth Investigations Inc., online scams are on the rise and often times the scam artist can come across 10Xs as normal as you.

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    With The Starter, you’ll receive an intimate 60-minute love strategy session via phone where we evaluate where you are now vs. where you want to be. This is to ensure you have the most successful dating experiences possible on your own. Imagine… waking up knowing you have control over the kind of online dating experiences you’re going to have. With the Starter, that can happen. In addition to your love strategy session, you get a 60-minute style session where you discover how to represent yourself online in the best way possible. Plus, with the Personalized Dating Map and Personalized online dating site selection, you’ll have the perfect blue print to go after your dating goals confidently. If you decide on this package, you’ll be pleased with:

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    With our Be Noticed package, you get everything that you’d get in The Starter package plus more personalized coaching along with a crystal clear plan of action. With the personalized coaching, you’ll have someone in your corner to help you navigate the dating site you’re on. Your coach will show you what to look for in profiles, types of questions to ask, and how to *really* read online communications.

    This is a more hands-on, personalized level established for clients who are ready to find the love of their dreams. Your clear action plan will include:

    • Strategies on how to expand your reach both online and offline
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